It is an artificial tooth replacement technique in which titanium screws are placed surgically into the jaw bone over which a post is then attached, which in turn provides stable anchors to replace a missing tooth.
We offer all kind of dental implant solutions, from titanium to ceramic implants, immediate loading, implant supported dentures, etc 

A crown is a dental restoration which completely caps or encircles a tooth or dental implant and is bonded to the tooth using a dental cement. Crowns are often used to improve the strength or appearance of the teeth. Crowns are usually fabricated using indirect methods & can be made from many materials.

A bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, is a dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants.
We take maximum 2 days to fabricate crowns and bridges. 

Dentures are constructed to replace missing teeth, and their functions, which are supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity ,They can also be implant supported.

Teeth cleaning is the removal of dental plaque from teeth, to prevent cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontitis. It helps in maintaining the overall hygiene of your oral cavity thus increasing the life of your teeth and helps in providing a better healthy life.

Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a common procedure in general dentistry. As a person ages the adult teeth often become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, as the enamel becomes less porous. Teeth can also become stained by bacterial pigments, foodstuffs and tobacco. whitening is done with bleaching gel such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which is applied to the teeth using thin guard trays to lighten the shade of the tooth.

The effects of bleaching can last for several months but may vary depending on the lifestyle of the patient. Factors which will decrease whitening include smoking and the ingestion of dark colored liquids like coffee, tea and red wine. 

They are tooth coloured fillings which are done to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure. This process takes only single sitting and multiple teeth can be done at a time.

Endodontic therapy is a treatment for the infected pulp of a tooth to eliminate infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion. In this first the infected pulpal tissue is removed from the tooth followed by shaping of the root canals and temporary filling is placed in the crown portion of the tooth, once doctor is satisfied that complete disinfection is achieved than the canals are filled with biocompatible materials and a permanent                                       filling is done.

Orthodontics helps in treatment of malocclusions (improper bites), which may be a result of tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw size; to improve bite, functions and aesthetics of patient.
This treatment takes a year or year and a half depending on the severity and kind of treatment that is required.
Today with advancements one can treat these problems without fixing the braces, with the help of removable aligners. 

A smile makeover is a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry process of improving the appearance of the smile and is essentially something that you chose to have performed. It is the most popular dental treatment procedure in India.

Its treatment of choice for people who are not blessed with that perfect smile and try to shy away or are conscious to express themselves completely. Thus, helping them to leave a lasting impression on people and increase their confidence and self-esteem. As smile is the first attribute we notice unintentionally in a person. 

veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth to improve aesthetics of a smile and/or protect the tooth's surface from damage. There are two main types of material used to fabricate a veneer: composite and dental porcelain. A composite veneer may be directly placed (built-up in the mouth), or indirectly fabricated in a dental lab, and later bonded to the tooth, using a resin cement. In contrast, a porcelain veneer may only be indirectly fabricated.

There are a variety of treatments for gum disease depending on the stage of disease. Treatments range from nonsurgical therapies that control bacterial growth to surgery, to restore supportive tissues. 
Procedure like crown lengthening to increase the height of teeth by trimming the gums are done for cosmetic reasons.

It is the latest sensation in the fashion industry throughout the world. Small diamond like stones are stick to your tooth to add that extra eye-catching sparkle. These artificial stones are available in variety of colors to choose from.

Gum depigmentation or gum bleaching, is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure used to remove black spots, patches on the gums or to lighten the gums caused by melanin. It’s an effective procedure which leaves you with beautiful pink gums. Usually it takes a single sitting to finish the entire procedure.


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